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G-Ski Rocks



What's crack-a-lackin'?! My name is G-Ski Rocks a.k.a. The Hip-Hop Conservative and I am one of the hosts of The Dave and G-Ski Rocks Show. I am a DJ, music producer/artist, videographer, content creator, U.S. Navy Veteran and all around GREAT American! I have been a DJ for over 30 years and I have been a radio host since 2005. I started my first internet radio show/podcast called Merge Right in 2005 with some great success and over the next 6 years (and a few name changes) I have landed some big name interviews like: Judge Hatchett, Michael K. William, Senator Johnny Isackson, Herman Cain, Dr. Alan Keyes, Heather Hunter and some former presidential candidates to name a few. Back in 2013 or so we renamed the network AirWavesAmerica, poking fun at the now debunked Air America. Our goal...my goal is to give you the TRUTH! So if you are looking for HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRUTH in the media, AirWavesAmerica is your place!



David Graham


Hi! My name is Dave Graham and I am one of the hosts of The Dave and G-Ski Rocks Show.  My political awakening came shortly after 9/11 and I believe there is a Deep State and it is evil and against America. I follow things that interest me, and right now it is the grift in politics.  I have authored 2 books, and had my own internet radio show for a while. I, like my great friend G-Ski Rocks, am a DJ. I am also a performing musician with a solo show… in my spare time, I teach Kenpo Karate as a Renshi.










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